The SEV Berlin provides practical and theoretical knowledge about encouraging autonomy and independency in the music business. Berlin is a metropolitan area of cultural diversity, which is reflected in its club culture. In it‘s club culture you can find fusions of music, visual and plastic arts. The city is about to change drastically. More and more clubs, cultural sites and institutions are pushed out of familiar surroundings. The habitats for music and culture are barely up to the no longer exist. There are neither on a political nor on a private level clear answers to the current events of the Club dying in Berlin. Now the point has been reached where consumers become activists. We are part of the countermovement.

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SEV Sessions

Here, experts and interested player from the wide-ranging music industry come together to exchange musical ideas, political and economic topics together. There are exhibitor areas for art and exciting Technology. In addition, new talents in the field of DJing and producing are encouraged - you will find a stage and an analogue platform for networking and skills sharing. After the theoretical part of the sessions there will be several live and DJ sets.


SEV Insiders

Selected experts are interviewed. From the fields of sound design, producing, booking, DJing, Scenography, fashion, lighting engineering, visual arts and more. The bottom line with SEV Insiders is, to bring you closer to people from and around the clubculture. Its all about insiders for Newcomer DJs. Tune in and get a closer look behind the curtain!


SEV Supports

With different formats we want to attract newcomer DJs, producers and all those who help to shape the scene. We provide concrete support. For example with: "Electronic Producers United - The Contest" - in cooperation with the digital music distributor Spinnup. We are giving away vinyl pressings, artist coaching, marketing support and high-quality equipment.


SEV Clubbing

At the parties we give the newcomer DJs a stage in renowned Berlin clubs. They share the line up with an established DJ. Thus we challenge and support the newcomers. Usually our Partys take place at Golden Gate Berlin.